Single Family Home, USA, St. Louis, Missouri, Lofty
Property Type : Single Family Home
Condition : Active
Price per Token : $50.26
Return Cash (exp) ? : 6.68%
Return IRR (exp) ? : 11.58%
Minimum Investment : 1 Token
Total Property Size : 704 sqft
Total Property Value ? : $132,644.88


Single Family Home located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Renovated in 2019
New laminate kitchen counters, repaired bathroom door, removed carpet, new luxury vinyl plank flooring, new vinyl blinds throughout, new smart locks, new smoke detectors, dry-locked basement walls, cleaned & serviced HVAC, updated plumbing, repaired sewer, new electrical, repaired cracks in exterior foundation, repaired damaged brick, landscaping, interior & exterior paint.
Located on a 3,261 sqft lot


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