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What Is Tokenized Real Estate

The concept of real estate tokenization focuses on two primary objectives. Through the integration of blockchain technology and smart contracts, tokenization facilitates for: Fractionalization of property rights: By dividing a single property into multiple shares Digital representation of ownership... by


Japanese leasing firm trials real estate tokenization

As tokenization continues to be adopted in several sectors, Japan-based financial firm Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Company, Limited (SMFL), a subsidiary of Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMFNF), has expressed a keen interest in experimenting with the offering in real estate. The firm stated that it will proceed with the pilot initiative... by

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BlackRock's $10 Trillion Tokenization Vision: The Future Of Real World Assets

We are currently witnessing a digital transformation as traditional finance and investments undergo a seismic shift towards greater efficiency and accessibility. Leading the charge, BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager known for launching its Bitcoin ETF earlier this year, aims to tokenize $10 trillion of its assets in partnership with Securitize... by

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How NFTs are Revolutionizing Real Estate Transactions

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique assets that have undergone tokenization on a blockchain, equipped with distinct identification codes and metadata to differentiate them from each other. NFTs may be traded or exchanged for fiat currency, different cryptocurrencies, or other NFTs, with the value of the NFT relying on the perceived value assigned by the market and the NFT holder. Leveraging their distinct attributes, NFTs act as mediums to convert valuable tangible assets, such as real estate, into a digital form... by


DDX Global to launch 'Desert Pearl' project in Dubai - and real estate tokens in it too

Dubai: A developer in Dubai is launching a one-off sort of project - and planning to tokenize it as well. That's what DDX Global, which is into tokenization of real property, is launching the 'Desert Pearl' and will back that up with issuing tokens for investors. Desert Pearl will feature two hotels, apartments, a commercial cluster and a retail precinct in addition to a boulevard and private marina. The boutique hotel is to... by


Citibank Tests Tokenization of Private Equity Funds on Avalanche

The firm tested a variety of use cases through Avalanche's subnet with a focus on private markets. Citi worked with traditional finance giants WisdomTree and Wellington Management to carry out its proof-of-concept trial that was issued on Avalanche’s Spruce, according to a press release.... by

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RWAs have already tokenized hundreds of millions; which industries will have the biggest growth in 2024?

2023 marked the year that institutions began to take a serious interest in real-world asset (RWA) tokenization, and the trend looks set to become one of the defining developments of 2024. However, the scope of opportunity isn’t limited to institutions. Firms like Blocksquare, which tokenize real estate investing... by

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Thailand opens doors to retail investments in infrastructure-backed digital tokens

Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has lifted restrictions on retail investors purchasing digital tokens backed by real estate or infrastructure projects. Previously, retail investors were limited to investing a maximum of 300,000 baht ($8,500) in these


Ripple’s Real Estate Tokenization: Re-evaluating XRP’s Value

Ripple, a prominent player in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, has recently been in the spotlight for its venture into exploring a real estate asset tokenization solution. Given that the global real estate market is estimated to be worth around $280 trillion, this move by Ripple poses a significant ... by

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Regulated asset tokenization to launch in India’s GIFT City

India’s international financial services center (IFSC), Gujarat’s GIFT City, is readying to launch its first regulated tokenization platform for real world assets (RWA) in January 2024, the Times of India reported. India is positioning GIFT City as a competitor to Singapore and Dubai. A spokesperson for GIFT City regulator, the IFSCA, said that the first tokenized asset class will be real estate... by


Japan’s First Digital Securities Trading Unveiled By OSAKA Digital Exchange

According to a recent report, OSAKA Digital Exchange is set to launch Japan’s inaugural digital securities trading next month, introducing security tokens backed by real estate giants Ichigo and Kenedix. Notably, this groundbreaking initiative responds to the growing demand among individuals for alternative assets promising enhanced returns... by

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Sumitomo Life invests in tokenized Blackstone real estate fund

Yesterday bank-backed startup Digital Securities announced its second tokenized real estate issuance in Japan. Sumitomo Life was the primary institutional investor and a Blackstone real estate fund underpins the tokenization. Digital Securities’ backers are Marubeni and regional Joyo Bank. The bank lent money to the tokenization structure... by


Hong Kong’s Real Estate Market on the Verge of Tokenization

Hong Kong’s real estate market stands on the brink of a revolutionary transformation, with Tykhe Capital leading the charge. The investment firm recently announced the launch of PRINCE, Hong Kong’s inaugural real estate fund security token issuance (STO)


Failed ‘$175 M’ real estate token raise draws ire of Texas regulators

The Texas State Securities Board has accused a network of companies under the “GS” brand and operating from Germany of fraudulent activities “tied to digital assets, investments in a staking pool in a proprietary metaverse.” The network of companies is controlled by Josip Dortmund Heit... by

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Israel’s land registry plans tokenized real estate exchange

A month ago, the Israel Land Authority (RAMI) published a local tender for blockchain consultants. The small print in the tender reveals RAMI is interested in far more than a digital land registry. It plans to build an exchange for trading tokenized real estate... by

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Unlocking $16 Trillion: First Tokenized Property Successfully Registered in EU Land Registry

In a revolutionary leap forward for the real estate and blockchain sectors, Blocksquare has achieved an unparalleled milestone by successfully executing the world’s first notarized tokenization of a real estate property, now officially integrated with the Slovenian land registry. This breakthrough achievement unlocks access to a staggering $16 trillion market potential... by

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Ripple Labs to tokenize the multi-billion dollar real estate industry

Ripple Labs, a technology company building financial products, including the XRP Ledger (XRPL), on the Ripple Protocol Consensus Algorithm (RPCA), plans to transform the real estate industry through tokenization... by

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The Reawakening Of Real Estate Tokenization: Why Businesses Should Take Note

Though tokenization isn’t a novel concept, recent years have witnessed a resurgent interest in it. As businesses increasingly align with the Web3 paradigm, entities ranging from financial institutions to asset managers are exploring tokenization's potential... by