Single Family Home Dawhenya, Ghana, Accra, DPAToken
Property Type : Single Family Home
Location : Africa / All Locations / Ghana
Condition : Active
Price per Token : $100.00
Return IRR (exp) ? : 8-12%
Minimum Investment : $100.00
Total Property Size : 2 bed 2 bath
Total Property Value ? : $1,600,000


The Expandable Home is a dream come true. Set is a luscious green landscape, the Extendable Home has a lot to offer. As it’s name suggests it is a house with volumes of potential. The design of this house can be adapted to accommodate either form a 2-bedroom or 4-bedroom property and can literally grow with the size of the family.

This type of investment then enables the development of a larger property more manageable.

The nature of the design of this property allows the owners to make it their own as it is easily converted into the bigger space that is desired.

With over 15 years of experience in the property market both in Ghana and the UK, Jacob West Ghana Limited takes on the complex legal procedures associated with buying or selling land and property, delivering a service that ensures minimal hassle. Their objective is to provide a litigation-free and safe process for their clients.

Jacob West Ghana Limited offers an all-round service from the beginning to the end of property development and management. Clients trust them to get the job done, as they never make promises they can’t deliver on.

All developments by Jacob West Ghana Limited are constructed according to the highest industry standards and are fully secured. They take pride in offering 10-year building warranties on structures and a 2-year warranty on all fixtures and fittings for every development.

The team at Jacob West Ghana Limited consists of licensed and insured professionals, ensuring clients are in safe hands throughout the process. What sets them apart is their commitment to delivering beautiful, quality finished homes that clients deserve. Their homes are built on time, using top-notch materials, and include all the necessary amenities and features to make them feel like home right from the start.





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