Edificio Borde Vivo, Santiago, Chile
Property Type : Condo/Apartment
Condition : Active
Price per Token : $ 109 (CLP 100,000)
Return Cash (exp) ? : 7.70%
Return IRR (exp) ? : 12.40%
Minimum Investment : 1 Token
Total Property Value ? : $ 105,294 (CLP 96,300,000)


Blank Apartment. Annually you will have earned 7.7% of your investment (which is paid daily to your wallet) and you will accumulate 4.7% of your investment in capital gains.

Depto en Blanco. Anualmente habrás ganado 7,7% de tu inversión (lo cual se va pagando diariamentea tu billetera) y acumularás 4,7% de tu inversión por plusvalía.



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