Do I own an actual share of the property if I buy a Real Estate Token?


When you buy a Real Estate Token, you are essentially buying a share or a portion of ownership in the underlying property. Real Estate Tokens are designed to represent ownership in real-world properties, and the tokens you acquire through your investment signify your ownership stake.

The extent of ownership represented by each token can vary depending on the specific tokenization model and the platform issuing the tokens. However, in most cases, owning a Real Estate Token means you have a fractional ownership of the property. This ownership comes with certain rights and benefits, which might include a portion of potential rental income, a share of any profits generated from property appreciation, and a say in certain property-related decisions depending on the terms set by the token issuer.

It’s important to thoroughly research the Real Estate Token offering and understand the terms and conditions associated with it. Each tokenized property might have different rules and benefits, so make sure you’re clear on what your ownership entails before investing.

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