Luxury Hotel Room, Mexico, Blue Luxury Hotel Boutique, Tulum – Lofty
Property Type : Hospitality
Condition : Active
Price per Token : $50.00
Return Cash (exp) ? : 9.45%
Return IRR (exp) ? : 17.45%
Minimum Investment : 1 Token
Total Property Size : 1000 sqft
Total Property Value ? : $169,100


Investors on Lofty now have the opportunity to purchase ownership of Unit 216 in the Blue Luxury Hotel Boutique development at Kukulkan Ave, Tulum.

This property will be owned free-and-clear with no debt.

The seller signed an agreement to pay investors a 12% Net ROI over a 5-year period regardless of the occupancy status or revenue generated by the unit. The rental yield paid out to investors is 10%, due to the DAO LLC formation costs, insurance, and closing costs. There is a renewal option after 5 years at a new rate, determined at the renewal period, which owners can choose to accept or decline.

This Hotel is a brand new development located in the ever-popular vacation spot: Tulum, Mexico. The same developer recently developed two other similar, successful Hotel development projects in Tulum:

Blue Luxury Kukulkan
Blue Luxury Veleta
The developer’s LLC name is LMME SA DE CV. They are famous for their Blue Venado Wedding Venue and Music Festival Venue, Zamna brands, which is responsible for the famous music festival, Tomorrowland.

The photos above are rendered. The Hotel is fully constructed and all of the amenities & furniture will be added before the end of the year, for a January, 2024 opening. Per the purchase agreement, 30% of the property must be funded by November 13, 2023. Before sending these funds to the developer, they will send over updated photos of the property including the amenities & furniture. If the photos do not show progress from the photos provided in early October, all investors will receive a full refund (including fees).

Tax treatment does not change despite this being an international property. The payout for owners is in USD and taxed as income for a US LLC. The DAO LLC will file the typical partnership taxes and owners will have the income added to their 1099.

Luxury Hotel room located in Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is one of the most desired jewels of the RivieraMaya, located in the middle of the jungle with beautiful white sand beaches, palm trees, turquoise blue sea, spectacular lagoons, cenotes, rivers, underwater caverns and an impressive Mayan archaeological site on the seashore, which was used as an astrological ceremonial center, make Tulum a unique destination in the Mexican Caribbean.

The construction of the city of Tulum was based on the concept of the “four corners” which refers to the cardinal points and which in turn arises from the ancient cosmic pattern of five points. The city as a quadrilateral represented an ordered, rational world, made for gods and men alike.




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