Single Family Home, USA, Detroit, MI, RealT
Property Type : Single Family Home
Price per Token : $48.74
Return Cash (exp) ? : 9.48%
Minimum Investment : 1 Token
Total Property Size : 3 Beds / 1 Bath
Total Property Value ? : $107,228.00
Total Number of Tokens : 2,200

SOLD OUT – This Real Estate Token is only available on RealTs secondary markets


Introducing 2931 Dickerson, a colonial two-story brick single-family residence located in the Riverbend neighborhood. This home includes 3 spacious bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Dickerson offers a welcoming and secure atmosphere, enhanced by its closeness to the Detroit Police Department’s 5th Precinct. With its sturdy brick construction and timeless design, Dickerson stands out as a prime opportunity for investment.

Riverbend showcases a diverse mix of housing styles, from historic brick homes dating back to the 1920s to contemporary constructions. The neighborhood’s layout includes apartments, townhouses, duplexes, and single-family homes, all set back from the sidewalks with modest front lawns. This area, home to just over 1,000 residences, is experiencing a resurgence, supported by initiatives such as the urban orchard of apple trees planted by Wolverine Human Services. Nearby amenities include Algonquin-Goethe Playground and John S. Vitale Community Center, which offer residents easy access to recreational and community resources. The local farmer’s market on East Warren Avenue and the small playground on Goethe Street add to the neighborhood’s appeal, providing accessible spots for fresh produce and community gatherings.

Dickerson offers an expected income of 9.48%. The home was acquired for $75,000, and a dedicated renovation budget of $16,000 is set aside for painting, gardening, and deferred maintenance to maintain the property’s value. Conveniently located near the US/Canada border and just 7 miles from downtown Detroit, 2931 Dickerson offers suburban tranquility and a worthy investment.




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