Single Family Home, USA, Detroit, MI 48211, RealT
Property Type : Single Family Home
Price per Token : $50.24
Return Cash (exp) ? : 10.05%
Minimum Investment : 1 Token
Total Property Size : 3 Beds / 1 Bath
Total Property Value ? : $75,360
Total Number of Tokens : 1,500

SOLD OUT – This Real Estate Token is only available on RealTs secondary markets



3514 Medbury was acquired for a mere $38,000, and is earmarked for revitalization with a $25,000 renovation budget to rebuild the former porch and repair the stairs, along with interior renovations such as a kitchen remodel, new floors, painting, and a new bathtub. This single-family brick residence offers 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom along with proximity to emergency services like the fire station and police station. Medbury already has an interested tenant ready to move in as soon as the renovations are done.


The tenant interest in Medbury is no surprise, because the up-and-coming Poletown East neighborhood has revitalized itself as a hip area, with many new businesses and restaurants. Residents appreciate the classic colonial and Victorian-style residences alongside new venues, and Poletown East promises a great future for both residents and investors.


Token-holders can expect a 10.05% rental income from Medbury, a return supported by the extensive improvements coming to the property and the neighborhood at large. RealT’s expanding investments in the same block, like 5933 Moran, 5837 Moran, and 3406 Medbury, are all elevating the up-and-coming Poletown East neighborhood while creating economies of scale for investors. By integrating 3514 Medbury into its portfolio, RealT continues to identify undervalued assets and underscore its commitment to enhancing investor value through thoughtful redevelopment and strategic positioning.


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