Single Family Home, USA, Detroit, MI 48123, RealT
Property Type : Single Family Home
Price per Token : $50.98
Return Cash (exp) ? : 10.16%
Minimum Investment : 1 Token
Total Property Size : 3 Beds / 1.5 Baths
Total Property Value ? : $152,940
Total Number of Tokens : 3000

SOLD OUT – This Real Estate Token is only available on RealTs secondary markets


REVITALIZED RESIDENCE Experience the transformation of 1174 Chalmers, a single-family home with 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms in 1,460 square feet of living space. Situated on a 3,354 square-foot lot in the upcoming Riverbend neighborhood, the house enjoys proximity to the Detroit Merit Charter Academy, Monteith Detroit Public Library, and a growing scene of new boutiques and developments.

RIVERBEND’S RENAISSANCE The revitalized Riverbend neighborhood is currently experiencing a hip transformation and ongoing gentrification. Though more sparsely populated than some neighboring areas, the community enjoys the momentum of numerous new construction projects, both residential and retail. In fact, 99% of houses in bad condition have been demolished. An urban orchard of apple trees has also been planted by Wolverine Human Services, and the neighborhood’s appeal is further boosted by a popular local farmers market on East Warren Avenue and a small playground on Goethe Street. Located just 7 miles from downtown Detroit near the US/Canada border, Riverbend offers plenty of convenience and lifestyle amenities.

STRONG RETURNS For token-holders, Chalmers offers a solid expected rental income of 10.16%. Acquired for $83,000, this property’s listing price includes a significant $48,000 renovation budget allocated for essential infrastructure fixes, painting, and interior improvements. Its proximity to other RealT properties, such as 1 Holdings Kitchener and 1 Holdings Conner, provides token-holders with economy-of-scale benefits, contributing to the ongoing revival in the dynamic Riverbend neighborhood.




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